Why Family Lawyers Are Better Resources Than General Solicitors During Separation Cases

For citizens who are trying to manage their separation as best as they can, it is beneficial to be in contact with expert family lawyers in Sydney who can offer serious solutions.

Some participants will instead opt for the familiarity of general solicitors who might have some background on the subject.

Especially for those community members who are familiar with their name and brand, it can be a comfortable position to take.

However, it should be acknowledged how much of a niche subject this can be and why it is worthwhile consulting with expert family lawyers in Sydney who know what is involved and what needs to happen moving forward.

An Understanding of Family Dynamic Pressures

There are unique properties involved in cases involving family lawyers that general solicitors can struggle to comprehend, let alone manage for the benefit of their client. From single parents to the interference of other partners and child custody battles that extend for months on end, it is necessary to introduce a specialist who has been there and done it before. Those struggles can hamper progress, so it is valuable to have an operator that knows the terrain and is not overwhelmed by the nature of the challenge.


Ability to Connect With Mediators

Rather than always working through the court system where general solicitors undertake a lot of their process, family lawyers in Sydney will have another important avenue to provide to their constituents. This is where mediation sessions are introduced, giving the client a chance to talk through their issues and find a resolution with their other spouse without outside interference. Representatives in this case know which mediators are best and who will offer a fair practice for all parties.

Finding Creative Solutions

Family lawyer in Sydney meeting a client

Unlike general solicitors who adhere to key stipulations with family law cases, family lawyers in Sydney have the experience and expertise to source creative solutions. Especially in the example of mediators and mediation sessions, participants have the opportunity to draft their own agreement without adhering to strict legal stipulations. This is beneficial for parties that don’t want to be boxed into a corner and feel as though they have to compromise across the board.

Cost Saving Measures

The good news for participants connecting with family lawyers in Sydney is that they have a chance to lower their costs and save on the bottom line. With a range of various financial policies on the table featuring flat rates, retainer agreements and prices that are determined by the settled figure, there are greater savings to be enjoyed for the individual. It is a common feature highlighted through mediation sessions, removing those expensive appointments with court officials.

Flexible Scheduling

Instead of being dictated by the court agenda, family lawyers in Sydney empower their constituents to make arrangements that suit their own schedule. There will be some limitations around submissions and filing of official paperwork, but there is not the strict deadlines involved with general solicitors who are dictated by the courts.

Handing Control Back to the Client

Lawyers in the family field know that their client’s interests stand before all others and in these scenarios, they want to be able to take control of the outcome. That level of ownership is usually taken out of their hands when general solicitors get involved, removing the type of flexibility that they desire as the pressure escalates.


By taking stock of all of these benefits that are available through family lawyers, it is important to weigh them against the merits of general solicitors who will vary in terms of expertise and experience on the subject. It is advisable for women and men to seek out a second opinion and consult with an industry specialist who empathises with the unique qualities of these settings and creates additional pathways to tangible solutions. Run a search for local firms who cover this topic in detail.